Service & Warranty

Sanway Technology guarantees product’s information truly described.

  • All automatic door operators and parts are eligible for ONE YEAR WARRANTY.
  • One year free technical support and E-service available for automatic door system installation, repairing and diagnosis.
  • Automatic door operators manufactured by Sanway Technology conform with CE/RoSH/FCC

Technical Support

CONTACT US by sending emails or messages about technical and quality problems. Describing your issues in detail, prefer to along with PICTURES or VIDEOS.
Before write to us, you may find useful info. by checking the following posts:

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  2. How to run the commissioning (learning cycle) on ES200 automatic door
  3. ES200 error codes

HS CODE Reference For Custom Clearance

  • Automatic door opener: 9032899090
  • Automatic door closer: 8302600000
  • Automatic door sensor: 8543709990
  • Automatic door motor (≤750W): 8501310000
  • Automatic door locking device: 8301400000
  • Sliding doors aluminium profile: 7610100000
  • Automatic door carriage/trolley/roller: 8302410000