How to run the commissioning (automatic learning cycle) on ES200 automatic door (Applicable on Dorma ES200)

ES200 automatic sliding door operator comes with a very intelligent system, which makes it super easy at installation and maintenance. Same as Dorma ES200, the smart controller can automatically detect the condition of your sliding door system, remember the data and set up the right parameter in the controlling board memory. This function hugely simplify the procedure of ES200 installation and debugging.
(Run ES200 commissioning program / automatic learning cycle whenever there are changes or adjustments on door wings, rail, belt, pulley, lock and all hardware, it's the same as procedure on Dorma ES 200)


  • Work on electrical equipment may only be performed by properly qualified electricians.
  • Power supply (by others) with 16 A fuse protection must be available.
  • Power cord must be double-insulated, for example: NYM. Do not use flat webbed house wires!
  • The maximum cable length of the external components must not exceed 30m.


  • The operator is fully assembled.
  • The protective earth (PE) is connected.
  • The safety sensors are connected.
  • Components supplied separately, such as program switches, activators, radar motion detectors, Night-/Bank key switches and EMERGENCY OFF push buttons are installed and connected.
  • The end stops are adjusted so that both active panels touch the end stops when the panels have reached maximum opening width.
  • When the door is closed, the active and the passive door panel must not collide with the sealing profiles.
  • The door has to run smoothly. Check the length of the connection screws of the toothed belt and replace the screws if necessary.

In practice, we recommend not connect any automatic door sensors (like activators, radar motion detectors, infrared motion detectors or safety sensors) to the ES200 controller before the automatic learning cycle is perfectly done, this is the part of mechanical performance initialization. (Connected sensors might trigger unnecessary shift and cause interference to the learning cycle)

ES200 Commissioning (ES200 automatic learning cycle) Steps

  1. Open the sliding door leaves in half-way.
  2. Set program switch to OFF.
  3. Unlatch the EMERGENCY OFF push button and bridge the light barriers. During the commissioning of the system the infrared light curtains or light barriers shall be replaced by jumpers. Following the learning cycle, the first closing cycle and the parameterization of the control unit, the infrared light curtains or light barriers have to be connected and checked for proper functioning.
  4. Plug in the power supply and connect immediately thereafter the rechargeable battery pack. (within max. 8 sec.)
    The door must perform a closing cycle at low (creep) speed. If the door performs an opening cycle, the system must be set back to original settings. In case that a fault or error should occur during this procedure, the learning cycle will be interrupted and needs to be started over.
  5. Performing the learning cycle:
    • Press and hold SERVICE/SELECT button until the door commences with the learning cycle. The external segments of the 7 -segment display will illuminate in turn.
    • The door accelerates in order to determine the door weight. (That's why we need to open the sliding panels half way, preventing glass panel hitting)
    • The door opens at low (creep) speed to determine the opening width.
  6. Set program switch to AUTOMATIC
  7. Short press the SERVICE/SELECT button, the door will perform an opening cycle and closing cycle after hold-open time. Otherwise redo from step 1.

The following system parameters must be checked and set to right parameter if necessary.

  • Menu P.: Program mode (Original setting =0)
  • Menu A.: Operation via rechargeable battery pack (Original setting = 0)
  • Menu r.: Locking action depends on position of program switch (Original setting = 0)
  • Menu L.: Locking type (Original setting = 1)
  • Menu b.: Motor type (Original setting =1)

(The motor and locking type are not automatically learned in the learning cycle.)


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