S8M Toothed Belt

Automatic sliding door rubber toothed belt, synchronizing automatic door gear rotation with trolley movement, transmitting motor force to door leafs.

  • High strength rubber belt
  • Belt width: 12mm
  • Belt thickness: 5mm
  • Tooth space: 8mm

(Available length: 6m/8m/10m, or custom length)


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Automatic Sliding Door Driving Belt (Toothed Belt – S8M)

Universal driving belt of all type of automatic sliding doors, automatic glass doors, telescopic doors, curved doors and circular doors, break-out emergency escape sliding doors.  It connects automatic door motor with door trolleys (door carriages), transmitting force from gear to door wings, driving the door to open or close. Applicable on NABCO, Besam, Dorma, Geze, Panasonic.

S8M toothed belt specification


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