M-204E Infrared Activation Sensor

Active Infrared Sensor For Automatic Door Activation (Door Opening Sensor)

  • Great sensibility and very low misjudging rate
  • Detecting range accurately adjustable
  • Great interference resistant and with background analysis ability
  • Japanese infrared electronic optical tube
  • Max. mounting height: 3m

(Ideal for narrowing the detecting range of frontage street doors with big passenger flow)


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Motion Detect Active Infrared Sensor For Automatic Doors’ Activation (Opening)

This specialized sensor uses active infrared (active IR) technology to detect the movement and activate the automatic door. It probes the temperature changes in the sensing zone, as soon as an object is moving towards the door, the heat signal is detected by the sensors, which will indicate the doors to open immediately.

  • Awesome sensibility and very low misjudging rate
  • Accurately adjustable detecting range
  • Great interference resistant
  • Japanese infrared photoelectric tubeInfrared sensor detecting area

Compared to radar sensor, the infrared sensor detecting range is narrow and accurate, it’s a great alternative of microwave sensor activation on street front doors with big passenger flow. Precisely adjusted probing zone can avoid unnecessary detection on irrelevant passing flow.


  • Power supply: A C/DC12-36V±5%
  • Technology: Active infrared (Reflected Ray)
  • Infrared ray quantity: 8 emitting and 8 receiving
  • Max. mounting height: 3m
  • Sensitivity adjustment: Available
  • Detection angle: 0 °~10 ° adjustable (Max. detecting area depth 1500mm)
  • Detection width: 1500mm/600mm (DIP switch selection)
  • Power consumption: <2.5VA
  • Relay output: DC50V, 0.1A
  • Output holding time: 2S
  • Working temperature: -20℃∽+60℃
  • Dimension: 220(width) * 74(height) * 36(depth) mm
  • Shell color: Silver


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