ES200 Automatic Door Opener Malfunction - LEDs On Control Unit Keep Flashing After Power On

Reported by a Dorma ES 200 automatic sliding door user in Uganda, Africa:

"I have a sliding door which is failing to run  and on the control unite  a flickering U is displaying and no movement of the door.  At first it was closing and when you trigger on the sensor it was not opening, but this was solved by removing the power supply unit and found out that the capacitor was faulty. We replaced another original Dorma ES 200 power supply unite but after assembled back the power unit then this problem started."


On ES200 control board, both LED 1&2 keep flashing and the 7 -segment display showing "u" after power is on.

ES 200 Power Supply Malfunction


Power failure (Power supply malfunction, either output voltage or current is abnormal). Normally after power is on, LED 1&2 should be on instead of flashing. Considering the user has just replaced the old power supply with a brand new one, it's necessary to check the ground electrode, a bad GND condition might cause power supply broken down because of lightening shock or electric surge.


  1. Check GND, make sure it's good and effective.
  2. Fix or change the ES200 power supply, put it back on and run ES 200 commissioning (learning cycle)


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