How to fix the problem of Error Code 3 on ES200 automatic sliding door opener?

ES200 program key switch

In some circumstances, users got an error code 3 displayed on the ES200 controlling board at initial installation.

By default, the “ERROR CODE 3” indicates Program switch malfunction, we should look up by the following steps:

  1. Check the wiring of program switch to ES200 controller, make sure that you have done the right connection scheme.
  2. Make sure good contact between wire and program switch socket, and have the selection on the right position, instead of in the middle of two selections.
  3. The last one, occasionally the wiring and contact are all good but still get this error. It mostly happens when people just fix up the automatic door opener itself but without door wings mounted on. In this circumstance, the intelligent ES200 controller can not feel any torque when running the commissioning program, and show this error. Try to hang the door wings or put some weight on the carriage, rerun the commissioning again, mostly it will be solved.

Reference: ES200 error code list (error descriptions)


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