ES200 Error Codes

Error codes (Fault codes) reference of ES200 automatic door malfunctions. It's recommended that a commissioning program be run when encountering issues. Error codes showed on controller LED after commissioning will be extremely help to locate malfunctions.

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ES200 Wiring Diagram (Connection Scheme)

Connection scheme & wiring diagram of ES200 automatic sliding door kit: motor & power supply connections, microwave radar sensor wiring, safety beam sensor (light barrier) wiring, locking device (mechanical lock) wiring, program switch wiring, emergency stop button wiring...... etc.

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Automatic Door Common Spurious Faults

Common spurious faults diagnosis & debugging of automatic sliding doors, automatic glass door, automatic sensor doors. Sometimes, there are problems caused by simple reasons instead of real device malfunctions, it's recommended diagnosing step by step from the easiest way.

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Restore Factory Settings On ES200

Reset ES200 automatic door opener to its original settings (Restore default factory settings). In some circumstances, restoring the ES200 kit to its factory settings (switching back to initial status) could be an optional method for resolving problems.

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