M-254 IR Activation & Safety Combo Sensor

M-254 infrared activation and infrared safety combination sensor for automatic doors.

  • Active infrared motion detect for door opening
  • Active infrared presence detect for safety
  • Max. mounting height: 3m


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Active infrared activation and infrared safety combination sensor for automatic sliding doors.

IR activation & IR safety sensor

A combination sensor of door opening and safety protection, using active infrared technology for both motion detect and presence detect. Accurate and adjustable probing range of movement detection is perfect choice for limited space automated door activation. Active IR presence detecting with self-learning ability (background analysis) at threshold area provides reliable safety protection, avoids the pedestrian clamping accidents by closing door wings.


Power Supply: AC/DC 12~24V (-/+10%)
Relay Signal Output: 1 for motion detect, 1 for presence detect
Max. Mounting Height: 3000mm
Static Current: 30mA (DC12V)
Action Current: 110mA (DC12V)
Ray Type: Reflect Infrared
Ray Source: 940nm Infrared
Activation Ray: 1 line, 4 emissions, 16 light spots
Presence Detect Ray: 3 line, 12 emissions, 48 light spots
Self-learning time: 10s
Working Temperature: -40°C ~ 60°C
LED indication: Standby(GREEN), Activation(YELLOW), Presence detect(RED)
Probing Range: 1600mm (width) x 800mm (depth)
Signal holding time: Presence detect 500ms, motion detect 2s
Response time: ≤100m s
Dimension: 229mm(width) × 67mm(height) × 41mm(depth)


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