M-204X Ceiling Type Microwave Sensor

Ceiling mount type unidirectional detect microwave radar sensor for automatic doors
(One direction detect, one way detect)

  • High sensitivity, fast and accurate response.
  • Uni-directional detect approaching movement and ignores the departure
  • Germany 24.125GHZ microwave sensing module
  • Max. mounting height: 4.5m
  • Mounting on ceiling (embedded in)


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Microwave Radar Sensor (Uni-directional Detect Ceiling Type) For Automatic Doors

Used on various automatic doors for activation, high sensitivity, fast and accurate response. The sensor only detects approaching movement but ignores the departure (One direction detecting). It can effectively prevent both interior and exterior probes from unnecessary secondary sensing, and avoid the misjudgment because of door vibration. Ceiling type mounting embeds the sensor in the ceiling, makes it a flexible option for specific situations.
ceiling mount type microwave sensor
(Exterior probe activates the door when pedestrian entering the building from outside, but after passing though the threshold, the interior probe might detect a movement and will give an unnecessary signal to open the door again, it will postpone the close and waste energy)

  • The flexible antenna adjustment on X-Y axis ensures precise sensing zone adjustment.
  • Intelligently optimized detection and control circuit greatly improves the sensitivity and stability of the sensing
  • Germany 24.125GHZ microwave sensing module, which is not affected by environmental factors such as temperature and humidity, working performance is extremely reliable.


  • Power supply: 12V ∽ 30VAC +/- 10% (50HZ ∽ 60HZ)
  • Technology: Microwave doppler radar and microprocessor
  • Transmission frequency: 24.125GHZ
  • Max. mounting height: 4.5m (5m Customizable)
  • Detection range: 5m*3m(At installation height 3.2m)
  • Mounting inclination: Longitudinal 0°~90°, Horizontal -30°~+30°
  • Dimension: 142 mm (dia.) * 61 mm (depth)
  • Fitting size: 105 mm (dia.) * 53 mm (depth)


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