EC100 (SLM) Automatic Sliding Door Opener

(Automatic sliding door opener kit set)

  • Kaba SLM & Gilgen SLM compatible
  • Dunkermotoren GR 63×55 60V motor
  • Dual motor mode available
  • Full series universal parts & hardware



EC100 automatic door operator – Kaba & Gilgen SLM Compatible System

◆MULTI-FUNCTION SLIDING DOOR SYSTEM EC100 sliding door is a great Kaba SLM compatible automatic door system for many access control solutions, more than a regular linear sliding door opener, it can be an awesome choice for telescopic doors, curved doors & circular doors in customized solutions. Generic components furnished system provides flexible application and safety expansion to various situations. The universal system platform can be easily built into different types of door, and applied in various environments. Two connection slot available on the KLESE controller to support dual motor mode, greatly enhance system load. EC100 Kaba SLM Gilgen SLM Automatic Sliding Door


  • Intelligent microprocessor KLESE controller, automatic self-diagnostic, self-monitoring system
  • At opening or closing, automatically reverse to the opposite when encountered obstacle, automatically resume after obstacle cleared
  • Patented BEDIS program control panel perform: program selection, function setting, self-diagnosis info display
  • Super quiet and smooth, high efficiency brush DC Dunkermotoren motor
  • Expansion interface for backup power and emergency control


ec100 slm automatic sliding door operator specification


(Included in standard package)


(Not included in the package)

Additional information

Ship by ocean

Full length rail packed in cartons or wooden cases.

Ship by air

Rail cut into 2pcs packed in cartons.


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