Universal Microwave Radar Sensor

Universal 24.125GHz Microwave radar motion detect sensor for automatic door opening.

  • Sensitivity adjustable & detection angle changeable
  • Up to 4m mounting height
  • Max. detection area 3x6m


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Universal Automatic Sliding Door Microwave Radar Sensor

automatic door doppler radar sensor

24.125GHz Microwave radar motion detect sensor for automatic doors, electric power doors, automatic sliding doors and glass doors, very stable and reliable door opening sensor, rapid action and anti-interference.

  • European radar module
  • Sensitivity adjustable and detection angle changeable
  • Up to 4m mounting height, max. detection area 3x6m, enhanced mode available.
  • Proven technology product, very cost effective and high performance radar sensor

Technical Specification:

  • Transmitter power density: <5 mW / cm2
  • Transmitter frequency: 24.125 GHz
  • Dimension: 120 x 80 x 55 mm (W x L x H)
  • Mounting Height: 2-4m
  • Working voltage: 12-24v AC/DC(±10%)
  • Tilt angle: 0°~90° vertical, -30°~+30° lateral
  • Power consumption: <2W (VA)
  • Working temperature: -20℃~+55℃
  • Holding time: 2s
  • International protection: IP52
  • G.W. 0.25kg


  1. Default sensor of standard ES 200 & EC100 (SLM) automatic sliding door opener package
  2. Radar sensors are only responsible for triggering automatic door opening, an extra safety beam sensor or light barrier needs to be installed in order to avoid clamping.
  3. Customer also can replace this sensor with a dual mode sensor( e.g. BEA C8/ZENSAFE microwave radar motion detect and active infrared present detect 2 in 1 sensor,), in this circumstance, no need to install a safety beam sensor.
  4. Custom logo can be printed on the sensors as per requirement.


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