Universal PDA For Dorma

Universal PDA(Palm), hand-held digital assistant, with built-in Automatic Service Program (ASP) for advanced setting and diagnosis on ES 200 openers.
(Applicable on Dorma series other automatic sliding doors and Dorma curved doors)


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PDA(Palm), programming tool, hand-held computer, with built-in Automatic Service Program (ASP).(Universal for Dorma automatic doors)

A specialized hand-held digital assistant device, programming tool, a Palm (hand-held computer, PDA) with automatic service program (ASP) is required to perform advanced setting on ES 200 opener's control unit. It reads out door parameters automatically after connected to controller. Extensive settings & functions are available on the palm, for instances: firmware update, motor type selection, door weight settings, opening acceleration level, opening speed, deceleration ramp open level, creeping distance, creeping speed, open force limit... and so on.

This PDA/Palm will also work on other Dorma series automatic sliding doors and curved doors, menu comes in with four languages:

  • English
  • Deutsch
  • Franch
  • Spanish

Hand-held digital assistant (Palm) for Dorma

3 reviews for Universal PDA For Dorma

  1. Bob

    It does work, on both Dorma ES 200 and ES 200 Easy.

  2. Flávio castilho

    Good Morning!
    Please give me the quotation to buy Universal PDA For Dorma, send to Brazil 02 Units.

  3. Holschen

    Ich hätte Interesse an den Dorma Handheld
    Was würde der Kosten

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