M-229E Infrared Safety Light Curtain

Active infrared safety light curtain, presence detect safety sensor for automatic sliding doors, automatic glass doors, automatic swing doors.

  • Power supply: AC/DC 12~30V (+/-10%)
  • Active infrared (IR) presence detect
  • Self-learning background analysis
  • Max. mounting height: 2.5m

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Active Infrared Safety Light Curtain For Automatic Doors

This infrared photocell curtain is perfect for installation on automated entrance, suitable for indoor and outdoor automatic door safety. The active infrared performs presence detecting and projects a light curtain at the threshold area, as long as pedestrians or unusual objects' presence are detected in this zone, it will hold the automatic door open until clear. The light curtain has self-learning background analysis ability and can intelligently distinguish valid objects, provides effective and reliable safety protection to people walking through or standing by the automatic door threshold.

Mounting methods:

  • Embed in - Without shell
  • Add on - With shell


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