How come the speed of ES 200 automatic glass sliding door becomes slow in the halfway?

ES 200 kit is really an intelligent automatic door operator, it can automatically collect the door parameters like force, maximum opening width etc., and automatically controls the running of the door with these information. In order to collect these data, a commissioning program (Learning cycle) has to be executed on the operator when it is installed.

Mostly, ES 200 openers are used on commercial glass doors. To prevent the sliding glass door wings from accidental colliding each other, a creeping distance (buffer space) iss left for motor decelerating, door wing moving speed will be slowing down before the door is entirely closed.

In ES 200 kit (applicable to Dorma ES 200) default factory setting, this creeping distance is shorter, around 6 inches. For safety reason (to avoid unnecessary collision in the initial commissioning), we double this parameter (creeping distance) to around 12 inches on all our ES200 kits. As a result, the door sliding wings slow down their speed earlier than usual and some users might feel that the door closing speed slows down in the halfway and the door action looks like very slow.

Dorma ES 200 close slow

This is actually not a real problem, and can be fixed this issue by the following two options:

(Before you choose the first option – resetting, make sure you really want to do so. Restoring to initial value is very simple, while if you want to change this value back, you will need an extra PDA device to modify this parameter (the second option).

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