ES200 End Stop/Door Buffer

ES200 & ES200 Easy automatic sliding door end stop, end buffer or door stopper and space limiting to automatic door opening.

(Applicable to Dorma ES 200 series)

Price unit: 2 pieces(1 pair)


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End Stop/Door Buffer For ES200/ES200 Easy Automatic Sliding Doors

Automatic sliding door end buffer A pair of end stops, door limits, door stops or end buffers are fixed on both side of automatic sliding door rail, they provide a buffer and space limiting to automatic door opening. The smart ES 200 automatic sliding door controller will detect and record the position of these stoppers when running the automatic learning cycle or commissioning, position information is written to ES 200 control memory as automatic running parameters.

When the rubber stick on the end stop is found damaged, corrosive or missing, it’s recommend that a new end stop or rubber be replaced immediately. Otherwise door’s glass panels could be cracked when hitting the edge without buffers.

Remark: Please rerun the commissioning procedure after new end stop/buffer is installed.

  • 2 pieces (1 pair) included in ES200 opener kit set


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