ES200 Cover

Innovative ES 200 automatic sliding door opener aluminium cover profile, applicable on Dorma ES 200 series (ES 200 & ES 200 Easy) automatic sliding door operators.

  • Metal bracket supporting & easy magnet clasp locking
  • Available cover length 4.15m, 5m, 6m or customized
  • Available cover height 150mm & 100mm


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ES200 (ES200 Easy) 150mm/100mm Cover Profile

ES200 Cover bracket

An optimized cover was redesigned for ES 200 series automatic sliding door openers (including ES 200 and ES 200 easy, applicable on Dorma ES 200 series). It is very easy to maintain and good protection to the opener.

The cover is extruded aluminum alloy in raw, and can be painted to any colors by spraying. Custom logo design is accepted.

This innovative cover system provides simple mounting, easy maintaining and perfect protection to the mechanism. Each cover set has two brackets at both left and right side for supporting, a small magnet fixed on the cover providing easy attaching and opening.

Slide in plastic strip giving reliable connection to the rail, which is a very durable polymer material.

Packing List:

  • Aluminium Cover x 1
  • Side panel x 2
  • Polymer hinge strip x 4 (For 4.15m rail, 0.5m/pc)
  • Bracket x 2
  • Magnet Clasp x 2

Available cover length 4.15m, 5m, 6m
Available cover height 150mm, 100mm


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