ES200 Backup Battery Pack

Rechargeable backup battery pack (sealed lead acid accumulator) for ES200 automatic sliding door emergency operation at power failure (Applicable on Dorma ES 200).

  • (NP 1.3-12 12V 1.3Ah)
  • Output 12V x 2 = 24V




ES200 Rechargeable Backup Battery Pack (accumulator) for Emergency Operation

This rechargeable backup battery is for ES 200 operation in emergency situation such as power failure, compatible with Dorma ES 200. Necessary automatic door accessories, spare parts.

When electricity failure occurs, the standby accumulator begins to supply power for automatic door opening and closing right away. This is extremely helpful at power failure because of fire alarm.


NP 1.3-12 12V 1.3Ah/20HR
Output: 12V x 2 = 24V
Constant Voltage Charged
Voltage regulation
Cycle use 14.4-15.0V (25℃)
(Initial current: less than 0.39A)
Standby use 13.5-13.8V (25℃)

Sealed Lead Acid Accumulator
*Must be recycled or disposed of properly



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